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How do I Sell?

SoloEbay is here for you to provide a hassle free selling experience. It’s all starts with a simple registration.  Registering your account with us is absolutely fee.  We are offering a 30 Day listing with the standard selling. Here you start your selling…

    1. Registration– It’s so easy, just provide your full name and email address. You can simply select a user name and password. You need to be 18 to register on SoloEbay. It’s absolutely free to register and sell your item.
  1. Selecting your item category– SoloEbay has already categorised the items to give you an excellent choice of listing. You can select the item category by simply browsing the category listing. It’s important; you have selected the correct categorisation for your listing to get better visibility and product search. It’s important to mention the item condition- New, Used, Refurbished, Grade of the item, etc.
  2. Uploading pictures– You can insert up to 7 Pictures for your listing. It’s important for you to provide the recent pictures which can display the item condition very accurately, so a buyer can get a clear picture of your item and its condition.
  3. Choosing the Selling format– We are providing you two kinds of Selling formats, Auction-Type or Buy it now. Auction-Type is processed after the successful completion of Bidding and the Buy it now option will allow you to sell something right-away.
  4. Optimising the Selling price– Once you successfully uploaded the item pictures, it’s the time to key in your Selling price. We advise you to insert an optimised price by evaluating the market price and the price according to the condition. The more you discounted prices will bring more customers and instantaneous sale.
  5. Delivery / Dispatch Options– By using our platform, you have two options for delivering the items. You can deliver the item via any authorised delivery providers or you can set the item as Collection in person. You can also have an option to set your item delivery /dispatch time. SoloEbay recommend all the sellers to provide the same day dispatch service with any tracking information to fulfil our seller protection. It’s also important that to keep the records of delivery for further assistance.
  6. Payment Option– Once you’ve finally finished your item listing, it’s the time to set the payment options. Most of the buyers check out the payment via PayPal and it’s very fast and secured, we also recommend PayPal for your payment options.
  7. Track information– Once you have successfully listed your item, also you successfully sold an item; please remember to deliver the item via any authorised service provider with tracking facility. It’s also important to share the tracking details with the buyer for an effective sale.

Help Topics:

  1. Find and select an item category– You can simply enter the any keywords into the category search tab or you can simply browse the item category by browsing the categories. Once you find the precise category, please key in the item name and give a clear description of the item condition, buying format, delivery options, returns, etc.
  2. Selling Format– You can set the selling option on the time of publishing an item listing. If you prefer to sell an item via Bidding you can simply enter starting bid amount also please remember all the bidding activities active until the listing ends. Once you receive the Winning-Bid amount, it’s important to acknowledge the buyer with the confirmation of winning bid. You can also simply sell an item by selecting sell it now option by a fixed price. You have the provision to provide a offer price for the buyer by setting the offer price.
  3. Completing a Successful sale– Once your item was successfully sold, you are committed to send the item to the buyer immediately. It’s important to confirm the purchase with the buyer before delivering an item. Also we are recommending you to inspect the addresses before delivering the item (the payment and delivery address must be same). If you found any mismatch in the addresses, you have to inform the buyer regarding this issue and also we recommend you to collect a confirmation from the buyer for the seller protection eligibility.
  4. What we don’t support– We strongly disagree with the activities listed below:
  • Receiving cash through email, P2P transfer (western Union, Money Gram, direct Bank transfer, Virtual Payments, Crypto-currencies, etc)
  • Receiving payment by any other payment methods not permitted/covered by our policy.
  • Asking the buyer to pay outside of our platform.

Payment methods– We strongly recommend all our sellers to set the default payment method to PayPal. As PayPal is reliable and easy to use, in addition you are getting the PayPal Seller Protection.

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