Seller Protection

What’s does it mean?

SoloEbay want to provide you an easy, smooth, and trouble-free selling experience. Most of our sales go through with no troubles at all. We are here by offering you a 99.9% positive selling experience with us.

But sometimes it may happen like: if you didn’t receive the payment, buyers left you with unfair feedback or even we’ll protect you from risky buyers.  SoloEbay Resolution Hub (SRH) can assure you protection from these all threats.

Before you access our Seller Protection make sure you have followed these:

Eligible for Seller Protection:

  1. Order Confirmation– You must confirm the transaction to the buyer via order confirmation message.
  2. Delivery/postage Confirmation– You must confirm the delivery to buyer via delivery/postage confirmation message.
  3. Proof of Delivery– You must have a physical/online documentation with date of service and recipient’s address from the shipping company.
  4. Address Verification– You must check the payment and delivery address for the buyers (both of the addresses must be similar).
  5. Tracking ID– You must have to use a tracking service for delivery also need to send/update the tracking details to the buyer.
  6. Item Condition– You must send a physical, tangible item (no digital goods/services).
  7. Payment Address (PayPal users) – Your payment address must be in the country where you signed up.

Not Eligible for Seller Protection:

  1. The Seller protection doesn’t cover claims, chargeback, reversals, etc.
  2. Intangible goods/services (digital services/goods).
  3. Items pickup by locally or in person.
  4. Prohibited items (drugs, counterfeit goods, etc. See our Prohibited Items List)

For PayPal Users:


   SoloEbay Protection includes:

  1. Unpaid items– We’ll give protection from unpaid buyer.
  2. Risk Buyers– We’ll give protection from risk buyers by blocking them from accessing your items / store.
  3. Feedback– We’ll manage your Feedback by removing any negative / inappropriate comments from your feedback section (from a risk- buyer).
  4. Secured Marketplace– We’ll provide you a secured selling platform for your transactions.
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