Return Policy

Return Policy:

     SoloEbay want each of our customers have to be 100% satisfied with their purchase with us also we are committed to provide you with most comfortable shopping experience with us. If you need to get a replacement or refund you need to request for a return.

We are recommending  all our sellers who are using our platform for selling have to specify a return policy. The seller can choose the nature of return (Return accepted/Returns are not accepted). If any seller fails to specify the return policy, we’ll select our default return policy as the primary policy.

SoloEbay request/recommend each one of sellers to specify a favorable and clear return policy. The buyers are more comfortable with the sellers who specify their return as ‘Returns Accepted’.

Please Note: 

According to Distance / Online selling Act each seller has to specify an acceptable return policy. Even if a seller specify ‘no return accepted’ , under the Distance selling Act the buyer can still return the item under the terms.

Return Time Limits:

By default the maximum time limit for a return is set to 14 days and some of the sellers will provide you with extended time limits (specified under each sellers return policy). We also recommend our sellers to specify an exact time limit for returns under their return policy.

Eligibility for a Return:

  • Condition of the Item: You must return the item in the same condition as it was received.
  • Packing – You must return the item in all original packing (box, tag, tags, and security seals).
  • Accessories– You must return the accessories (cables, headphones, etc.) along with the item.
  • Manuals– You must return the Certificates, manuals, and warranty cards.
  • Gifts/Bonus items– You must return the free gifts and bonus items.
  • Misc– You must return all the items included by that item list.
  • Proof of purchase– You must keep the proof of purchase.

When a seller don’t have to offer a Refund/Replacement:

  • Knew an item was faulty when the buyers brought it.
  • Damaged items.
  • No longer want an item.

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