GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR is a regulation in EU law on Data Protection and Privacy for all individuals in the European Union and that goes into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR is designed to harmonize Data Privacy Laws across Europe, to protect, address the export of Personal data, and empower al EU citizens Data Privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach Data Privacy.

Our Commitment to GDPR

We have committed to protect the privacy and data of our customers, who use our online marketplace ( We also committed to building a secure and hassle-free platform for our customers for their selling and buying needs.

What are we preparing for GDPR?

From May 25, 2018, the GDPR replaces the EU Data Protection Directive:

  • We have created visible tabs that will highlight our privacy policies and all necessary information to make it easier for our customers to access.
  • We have clearly described how we use your personal information and why we take those details.
  • We have also described how the customers can subscribe or unsubscribe our services.
  • We also provide topics regarding the deletion of data.

Who does the GDPR apply to?

The GDPR applies to any organizations that offer goods or services inside the EU. It also applies to the organizations who monitor the behavior of people inside the EU and even if processing takes place outside of the EU.

GDPR Data elements:

The GDPR applies to the information that we collected for identifying an individual by direct or indirect. The information tag includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Cookie Identifiers
  • Device Information
  • Advertising Identifiers
  • Geo-Location
  • Social Media Information
  • Consumer Preferences
  • IP-Addresses

Please read our User Privacy Policy for further information.


The GDPR obligations and steps to comply as a SoloEbay Seller?

If you are a seller based inside EU or a seller based outside the EU or you sells or provide services to the customers inside the EU, You need to understand the requirements of GDPR and take steps to ensure you comply. For more information please visit GDPR Help Page.

Help Links: Privacy Policy, User Privacy Policy, Cookies

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