Buyer Protection

Buyer Protection:

What’s does it mean?

SoloEbay want to provide you an easy, smooth, and trouble-free shopping experience. Most of our purchases go through with no troubles at all. We are here by offering you a 99.9% positive shopping experience with us.

But sometimes it may happen like: if you didn’t receive your item / the items were not as described. But don’t worry we are here to help you. SoloEbay Resolution Hub (SRH) can deliver a favourable solution in 2 simple Process.

  1. Contact the Seller- You can directly contact the seller or you can contact the seller via SoloEbay. We recommend you to contact the seller within 14 days of the actual delivery date. Most of our valuable sellers sort the issue directly or give them 5 working days to sort the issue.
  2. Not satisfied or not sorted-out? Contact SRH– After the successful completion of 5 working days, the issue is still alive, please contact us we’ll take the action and help you.

Please Note: The Buyer protection is excluded for some kind of listings and they are; Vehicles, Property Business (real estate), Digitally delivered Service or goods (Redeem codes, Gift vouchers, etc.)

Eligible for Buyer Protection:

  1. Item Condition– If you receive a completely different item or the item was misrepresented.
  2. Advertisement– If the item was advertised as authentic but it’s not authentic.
  3. Missing Parts– If the item is missing parts or features which were not disclosed in the description.
  4. Item/items missing– One or multiple items are missing per purchase.
  5. Damage– If the item was materially damaged while shipping.
  6. Contact– If you contact the seller/SoloEbay within 14 days of actual delivery date.

Not Eligible for Buyer Protection:

  1. Item Condition– If the defect in the item was correctly described by the Seller.
  2. Description– If the item was properly described but you don’t want it after the arrival or it didn’t meet your expectation.
  3. Grade– If the item has minor scratches also listed as used item.
  4. Pick up– If the item was listed as used and you picked it up in person after examining it.
  5. Ineligible Goods/Services:
    • Property Business (Real Estate).
    • Vehicle Sales/Services.
    • Custom made items.
    • Items Not Received, items which you collect in person/collected by someone behalf of you including at a retail point of sale.
    • Industrial machinery for manufacturing.
    • Gift cards, pre-paid cards, pre-activated items.
    • Personal Payments, Donations, Mass payments, Investments, and Financial Products.

For PayPal Users:

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