Free Shipping

Free Shipping Programme 

It’s really good to offer ”Free Shipping” to your customers (buyers) if at all possible. We really know the amount of time and money we spent to ship an item, but most of the buyer does not aware of it and simply they don’t care about it. This economy makes everyone to count even pennies, so the buyers will always look for the free shipping items before checking out any other offers.

If you look around almost ”99%” of the online sellers do offer free shipping because simply they want to attract more customers. In truth, if you are unable to provide free shipping it’ll leave you with a black mark on your selling experience. Also, most of the e-commerce platforms encourage offering free shipping. We believe that it will take some time and work to change your listings, but we realise it will make a huge difference in your selling experience.

Most of our sellers offer free shipping and they do charge for shipping for very large, very heavy items, and for the international shipping.  Let’s try to work it out and make your customers happy…

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